Differentiate your practice by providing your patients more than just pain relief. Provide them Superior Pain Control with the ambIT Electronic Ambulatory Infusion Pump.

Controlling the pain of a patient has always been a principal goal of healthcare providers. Most of the current pain pump products on the market offer Pain Relief; however, the ambIT system enables the clinician to control pain for an extended period of time.

The best methods of controlling pain post-operatively are to block the pain signals by infusion of local anesthetic directly into the surgical site or directly onto the nerve that transmits the pain signals to the brain. Optimally, both methods of post-operative pain management require the use of a small, accurate infusion pump.

Using an ambIT system, the patient's pain can be alleviated after surgery by continually bathing the surgical site or the nerve in local anesthetic. This allows the physician and facility to focus on controlling the patient's pain using the most appropriate equipment available without increasing their operational expenses.



Programming Flexibility = CONTROL

ambIT allows you to zero in on pain by titrating your initial dose of anesthetic up or down to meet the needs of each patient.

Bolus Capability = CONTROL

ambIT puts your patient in control of breakthrough pain. With the simple push of a button, your patient can infuse additional pain control.

Volumetric Accuracy = CONTROL

ambIT infuses with precision (+/-6%), which ensures both patient safety and peace of mind that your patient's pain is being controlled with the dose you specify.

Volume Capacity = CONTROL

ambIT supports multiple bag volume settings, including the volumes required for infusion at high flow rates so the infusion can last the full duration of your patient's post-operative pain.

How Can the ambIT Improve My Practice?

  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Reduce the need for narcotics and their potential side effects
  • Minimize calls due to uncontrolled pain
  • Provide the latest in pain control technology

Features of the ambIT that contribute to superior pain control:

  • Patient-controlled bolus infusion to control breakthrough pain
  • Programming flexibility to meet the unique needs of each patient
  • Microprocessor-controlled accuracy (+/-6%)
  • Easily attaches to any sized fluid bag
  • Compact and portable